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In every industrial unit or places with higher footfall, contamination will be easy to spread. No matter what type of business you're in, the best solution is to avoid and prevent disastrous events. Prevention is the Best cure. Long lasting advanced antimicrobial technology is the solution you hadn't realized had been invented! COVIKARA™ provides cost effective broad-spectrum Silver Nano particle based antimicrobial protection, which is effective against a wide range of disease-causing bacteria. Protection against bacteria is more important than ever as microorganisms evolve, and antibiotics become less effective. COVIKARA™ significantly reduces the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast. Our innovative Green Silver Nano technology will last up to 24 hours on treated surfaces and up to 6 hours protection for your skin. We use Silver Nano particle to provide long-lasting bonding capabilities with the body moisture. COVIKARA™ technology is water-based, alcohol-free and free from dangerous chemicals. This is truly the next generation ancient antimicrobial technology.


Because we are leading and Innovative manufactures for products made with Green silver Nano particles, used as antimicrobial in varied usage. The germ-killing ingredient mainly silver Nano particle is used within COVIKARA™ for centuries as antimicrobial also Know as Rajata Bhasama Liquid. Our unique and patented Green Silver Nano technology gives it its advanced functionality and ensures the active keeps killing for long periods of time. Routine cleaning and disinfection using “old technology” does not provide any long-term residual antimicrobial protection. COVIKARA™ offers a protective barrier on top of routine cleaning where there is a risk of infection.



COVIKARA™ confirms to regulations from around the world and has been tested in top laboratories in the world and NABL labs in India for antimicrobial efficacy tests.


COVIKARA™ is water-based Alcohol free disinfectant with Green Silver Nano Particles and free from harmful chemicals. It’s safer for aquatic organisms and less likely to cause skin and eye irritation. It’s safer for you, your staff and your customers, whilst being deadly to a wide range of pathogens.


COVIKARA™ is the future of antimicrobial technology. We’ve taken a known active ingredient and given it advanced functionality. Routine cleaning and disinfection using “old technology” will not provide any long-term residual antimicrobial protection. COVIKARA™ offers a protective barrier on top of routine cleaning where there is a risk of infection.


COVIKARA™ Green silver Nano particle’s antimicrobial effect provides a Nano silver protective layer on any surface. Once sprayed it stays active for up to 24 hours on surface. Application is therefore is not required as often as other protective offering.


Once applied COVIKARA™ stays active for up to 24 hours protection on surfaces and 6 hours on the skin, providing confidence that the environment is micro-biologically safe.


Illness and infection can cost businesses, industries and countries billions - or even worse; people's lives. You can dramatically reduce your chances of encountering a crisis by reducing the spread of dangerous pathogens.

COVIKARA™ is already helping agricultural industries optimize their fruits and vegetables by extending their rip time, No Bacterial No Fungus the shelf life of the veggies and fruit increases.

COVIKARA™ is helping food manufacturers follow strict hygiene sterile protocols.

COVIKARA™ is helping reduce the spread of dangerous pathogens in medical facilities.

COVIKARA™ can control the spread and check of microbes in Temples, Mosques, Churches, Gurudwara, office settings, Factories & schools.

COVIKARA™ is the most cost effective and “Effective” product available around you that keeps your environment safe and protected.



All our reports are accessible to verified organizations. Please mail on our contact mail to request access to the reports.

Houston, USA

NABL Accredited | ISO 9001:2015 | G.L.P. Certified Lab



With the significant turn-around in Hotels and the International nature of travellers it is essential that communal areas and rooms are safe & protected.


Childcare facilities are breeding grounds for infections and contamination. Protecting the little ones keeps us all healthier. Flu, colds and Hand Food and Mouth disease will have a massive impact of centers and families.


The aviation industry has a unique set of issues regarding high volumes of passengers, recirculate air and rapid movement, the contamination needs to be checked. Sterilizing surfaces helps protect passengers and provides a unique point of difference by owning hygiene.


COVIKARA™ enables manufacturers to adhere to strict hygiene practices and standards.


Trains & buses provide essential transport for commuters and travellers alike. Million of people mixing every day need protecting.

Office & Schools

COVIKARA™ has been proven to reduce absenteeism in school and office buildings resulting in significant cost savings and improved productivity. COVIKARA™ is also the safest for kids as it is non-toxic and non alcoholic.


Hire Cars, Taxis, Buses and Personal Vehicles all provide opportunities for bugs and bacteria to breed and be shared.


Introducing non-toxic hygiene practices using Green Silver Nano products COVIKARA™ animal zones can be protected.


COVIKARA™ long-lasting antimicrobial protection is paramount in critical hygiene environments.

We want to help you achieve your business objectives. If you would like to have a discussion about COVIKARA™ wide range of applications and how our advantage technology can help your business.

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