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With years of our global collaborative research, we have proven the effectiveness of Rajta Bhasma’s mechanism of antimicrobial action, synthesis, medical applications, and toxicity effect. It can be the first line of effective defence for people, and we have used Green Nanotechnology to make it affordable, non-toxic and highly effective in controlling microbial growth and infections. Rajata Bhasma as a disinfectant for use as antibacterial/antimicrobial agents to decontaminate public/private dwellings, in hospitals, laboratories, industries, and various environments where microbes are to be destroyed.

Join us in welcoming a revolution In healthcare, with Covikara, powered by pure nature. Our unique products are formulated using Rajata Bhasma developed through innovative Green Nanotechnology, which is a patented technology from the U.S.A.



Because we are leading and Innovative manufactures for products made with Green silver Nano particles, used as antimicrobial in varied usage. The germ-killing ingredient mainly silver Nano particle is used within COVIKARA™ for centuries as antimicrobial also Know as Rajata Bhasama Liquid. Our unique and patented Green Silver Nano technology gives it its advanced functionality and ensures the active keeps killing for long periods of time. Routine cleaning and disinfection using “old technology” does not provide any long-term residual antimicrobial protection. COVIKARA™ offers a protective barrier on top of routine cleaning where there is a risk of infection.



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