Sanitizers: A “Handy” Practice To Keep Everyone Safe In Future

Keep your hands clean. That is the lesson parents have been teaching their children for ages.


And even the littlest ones have learned today that keeping hands clean is so important. Hand Sanitizers being one product alongside masks and vaccines and so on have been one of the crucial products to keep us safe from the raging pandemic.


Most hand sanitizers in the market claim to kill 99% of bacteria and other infections from the hands. That is because there is alcohol as a main ingredient, some of the companies now even offer natural and pure alcohol-free products which will keep your hands safe for maximum time.


Even though the technology behind the user-friendly products has been rapidly changed in terms of hand sanitizers, they are all pretty much working on the same principle - you can be dependant on them to kill the bacteria that can make people sick.


Good Hygiene Translates To Good Health

 Because Good hygiene always leads to good health, and you know the rest - "Health Is Our Greatest Wealth". It is always said that exercising the same thing for years and years will lead to better fighting conditions the same thing goes for our body, the more we aid our immunity system by practicing good hygiene the more it will ready to fight the infection in the future.

 Take a look at the past, the events where the humans have overlooked the health practices than their bodies also have neglected to respond against harmful diseases. Now hand sanitizers are not guaranteed full proof protection but they surely draw an imaginary barrier to keep unwanted viral foreign bodies out of our body. They are merely just agents of enabling and circulating good hygiene that is approved to be much more effective than hand soaps due to their anti-microbial properties. So why not use them more often and not only just take them as a passing trend?


The best example of a recommended hand sanitizer?

 Out of the countless brands that have burgeoned over the last few months to cater to the rapidly growing demands of the market, very few of them actually match the desired or medically approved standards of production or manufacturing. Hand sanitizer is one that is now medically proven to be very effective against germs without compromising with the skin. It adheres to all norms and the necessary production standards by governing bodies. So a good hand sanitizer should be skin-friendly, effective, and at the same time contribute to the benefit to the skin of the user, thereby promoting everyday use.



Covikara Hand Sanitizers is a skin-friendly brand whose Nano-induced technology is used to make effective sanitizers. 100% natural and suitable for sensitive skin. They are also water-based alcohol-free products that are enriched with powerful nanoparticles, thereby killing various types of bacteria and fungus from the skin.


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