FAQS on Hand Sanitizers Answered By World Health Agencies

 Sanitizers have become an important part of our lives to protect us from COVID-19 virus transmission.


And as Hand Hygiene is a precautionary measure, there are questions that are raised by consumers about these products every now and then. So today we have collected all these questions answered by top government agencies and organizations. Scroll below if you have questions related to alcohol-based products or how much sanitizer you should use.


How Much Alcohol-Based Sanitizer Is Okay?


According to WHO, a palmful of hand sanitizers should be thoroughly rubbed to cover all surfaces of your hands. Please also remember that this entire procedure should last for 20 to 30 seconds.  



Are Alcohol-Based Sanitizers Safe? - WHO

WHO says that as of now, Alcohol-induced hand sanitizers have not created any health issues anywhere. The organization further says that hand sanitizers have a little amount of alcohol and hence the same little is absorbed into the skin. However many have issues with dry skin there are some Hand Sanitizer Sprays  

And products in the market have developed sanitizers that contain emollient that reduce dryness.


Effectiveness of Non-Alcohol Based Sanitizers - Environment, Health & Safety(EHS)


Speaking on the effectiveness of Non-Alcohol Based Sanitizers, the University Of Michigan EHS recommends the use of Non-Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers dispensers in the facilities. Further, they spoke on the effectiveness by saying that these sanitizers limit the germs and are also helpful to reduce fire hazards that are associated with Alcohol materials.


TNAU Agriculture University's based in Tamil Nadu also had come up with nanotechnology-based hand sanitizers. According to them, these nanotech-based Sanitizers are more effective as they contain active silver particles that can not only fight off the bacteria for longer hours but also keep the sensitive skin safe, than the products available in the market.


Are Hand Sanitizers Flammable? - FDA


Yes, Hand Sanitizers are flammable according to FDA (Food & Drug Association) as they contain alcohol. They recommend that the Sanitizers should be kept away in dry places and always away from heat, open flames, sparks, and electricity.


Which Is Better Hand Sanitizers or HandWashing? - CDC


According to CDC (Centers For Disease Control And Prevention), Washing hands with soap and water is the best way to get rid of germs and chemicals. They will remove all germs that sanitizers are not able to remove. Sanitizers are useful when soap and water are not available in the vicinity.


To Sum Up, these were the important faqs answered by agencies and organizations, hope you all are using Hand Sanitizers often. Covikara has a range of hand sanitizing products that are made from nonalcoholic materials and use nano-technology.

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